JME Supreme Wines and Spirits is an Importer and Distributor of Chinese Wine and Spirits, among them, are Gujing Gong Jiu, Jing Jiu, and Yanghe Baiju.

Established in 1985, JME Supreme International Inc. has a proud history and made significant inroads in the importation and exportation trading and has extensive distributorship of various products mostly associated with the forestry industry. Doing everyday business with the aim to help redefine quality and deliver quality goods and are committed and believed that our customer needs nothing less than the best.

JME SUPREME is destined to become a name to reckon in the liquor industry. The company furthered its vision of growth by venturing into this industry, thus creating the name: DEVINO SPIRITS MARKETING CORPORATION, as it expanded its importation business to supply Chinese wines and liquors for domestic and travel-retail market, introducing the strong portfolio of Yanghe Premium Baijiu, Gujinggongjiu, Jing Brand (Chinese Jing Jiu and Maopu Buckwheat Liquor brands) for the Philippine market.